CAC provides unlimited credit checks on its clients' new accounts and responds to requests for updates on existing accounts. Our files are the most comprehensive, current and cross-referenced database of information available. What does that mean? Virtually every day in the construction industry, a chronic debtor attempts to conceal checkered history by changing the company's name or cloaking his involvement behind new investors. And we ferret them out virtually every day.

Ideally, people in the construction industry do their credit research and prevent exposure to situations in which they have to file a notice of claim or a mechanic's lien. Unfortunately, not everyone is so proactive. Thorough, cross-referenced credit reports can result in fewer liens that we have to file on behalf of our clients. Additionally, a good situation can often turn sour, forcing contractors and material suppliers to secure their financial positions in a project. We take our clients through the entire process of assuredness, including credit ratings (whereupon our clients might avoid a non-paying situation), title searches, notices of intent to file liens, and finally, the claim or lien on public funds. Often a notice of claim is sufficient to resolve an issue. But whatever the necessary tool, we prepare it, serve it, and file it.

CAC clients include all construction trades and material suppliers. This BROAD EXPOSURE allows us to remain informed about the credit-worthiness of a wide range of contractors, developers and projects. Whether a project is privately funded (residential, commercial, industrial) or publicly funded (local, state, or federal), CAC handles it all!